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Bregn: An Atmosphere For The Ages

After the heavy rocking bands I've reviewed this week, I fancied a change of pace. I dug through my emails to discover a press kit I'd been sent for Bregn and his new single "Summertime" and I was immediately transported to another dimension, flying on the ethereal cloud of Bregns music. This is someone I need to talk about.

Listening to "Summertime" is like entering a trance, I get so lost in the lo-fi soundscape of beautiful guitar arpeggios and subtle synth accents. I'm a fairly manic person, but even I feel almost calm when listening to Bregn. I really like the percussive nature of this song, which is surprising consider there isn't a drum kit in sight, just a simple rhythmic plucking sound which drives the song forward. There is plenty of beautiful delayed guitar work adding to the groove and what is so great about this mix is that the listener can hone their ears in on one instrument at a time and hear them perfectly, or just sit and enjoy the full experience.

I really want to point out the amazing vocals that Bregn has on display here. Eerie and thoughtful melodies that still retain every bit of catchiness that any song needs. I'm completely blown away by how anyone can create a track this good. This NEEDS to be heard by more people. Ordinarily I would leave a section for critique but I could listen to this forever. It reminds of something you might hear on the Life Is Strange OST and as any gamer will tell you, that soundtrack provides an atmosphere for the ages.

The production as a whole is stellar, the performances and writing is world class. Bregn is simply superb. The world is full of lo-fi producers these days, but I can honestly say that this is indeed a lo-fi beat I can relax/study to. Check out Bregn and his new single "Summertime" when it releases on June 17th.

Peace, Love & Cowbells,


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